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Il Volo and Me

Il Volo and Me
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gianluca's Girlfriend's (Jessica Brando/Vitelli) Song

Who is Jessica? She is a singer and dancer who was born in Grosseto, Tuscany in 1994. She is 17 years old. Her birthday is December 6. Her official YouTube account is here

She has released her album and you can check it out here. It's called "Dimmi Cosa Sogni" translated into "Tell Me What You Dream" in English.

She met Gianluca when she was a contestant in the Sanremo Festival 2010. She performed Dove Non Ci Sono Ore.

This is Jessica Brando (Gianluca's girlfriend) and her song Dove Non Ci Sono Ore


  1. I think he secretly loves ME not HER!!!! LOL just kidding :) they're cute-ish together...i suppose

  2. She has a very pretty voice--especially when she sings in her native language. I like Gianluca's voice better in Italian too. They make a cute couple & I wish them a lot of luck. Long distance relationships are so difficult--especially when you're seventeen.

  3. Please listen to a grandma who loves you!

    Be careful, the 3 of you. Some girls would sell their souls to be seen or heard in any medias. Take your time and make sure you don't pick a girl who cares only about herself, her career or her financial security.

    To achieve financial security, (as you probably know), some girls would do anything to get pregnant and/or to get married. Then they will divorce you and one way or the other, you'll be financialy hooked for the rest of your life. BUT MOST OF ALL, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANY DRUGS, BOOZE, etc., this would destroy your health, your brain, your voice and ultimately your life. This might sound very negative but unfortunately, it is reality.

    I'm sure your parents told you all this but, please remember it and be very careful.

    Sincerely,with all my love,


    P.S.: IMPORTANT. Always remember to bow, thank your
    audience and stay humble. No matter how big is a star, always comes a day when their stardom fades away.

    1. I loved your preformance at rockefeller center...did i spell that right? Oh well i totally agree with the grandma person please dont do anything stupid! Im glade that some Italian teenagers finally made it to America! I love u guys!

  4. I am in love with Il Volo!!!!! I have been trying to find out when they are coming back to America so I can get tickets to see them but can't get any information. You seem like you know a lot about Il Volo so maybe you know and also if you don't mind me asking, how much were your tickets?

    1. there came in differnt prices -- i saw them in tampa a i pd. $ 100.00 a we almost had nosebleed seats. so if you want the front, you have to pay more. have fun -there wonderful. i love them. inga

  5. I am 65 and my father is 89. I watched you on PBS Channel 9 and so did he. We didn't realize that we both were watching you and loved the sound of all your voices. This is more of a compliment from my father. He was a musician for years played the clarinet and saxaphone. He and my grandfather had a polka band years ago and played many weddings in Illinois and St. Louis Missouri. You are wonderful in your showmanship and as grandma said above keep humble it will take you far. You have the most beautiful voices I have heard in my lifetime. It was great to hear you say it was a gift from God, because not many people realize that today. We are of Polish descent. I worked for 31 1/2 years and have many Italian friends. I have been passing around some of your PBS You Tubes to my friends and they also say your voices are beautiful. Stay beautiful in your showmanship and stay humble and God Bless.

  6. WHY DO I LOVE THEM SO MUCH?! im 15, and would love to meet them one day <3 in love with all their voices. :)