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Il Volo and Me

Il Volo and Me
Left to Right: Gianluca, Ignazio, Hopeful Romantic, Me, Piero

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Late Thanksgiving Thank You

I want to thank all my readers. My followers, random blog readers, and Il Volovers.
I really really want to thank my followers. Seeing the number of followers steadily go up over the past few months have kept my blogging spirits up. The comments and followers have helped me stay focused and continue this blog. Whenever someone new follows, I feel so grateful because it means that someone out there in the world likes my blog. Likes it so much that they take some of their time to hit the "follow" button. So thank you guys so much! I really appreciate all my blog readers, but I am especially grateful to my followers. So, thanks for everything! <3

**PS. I just want to say my goal is to get at least 30 followers (currently, there are 23 followers) before the end of the year. If any of you guys could help me that'd be great!!!! So if you know someone who likes (or might like) Il Volo, please send them to my blog so they can experience the amazing talent and greatness of the boys. If the people you send happen to follow my blog... well..  ;)**

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